Pete MacDonald Psychic Consultant

Three times winner of the prestigious Prix de Tarot award, Peter Macdonald is one of the world’s leading psychic consultants.


Pete MacDonald is a leading UK Psychic Consultant and Healer

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About Peter MacDonald Psychic Consultant, Teacher & Healer

Psychic Consultant

Peter MacDonald has been a professional psychic consultant and healer for over 30 years.

He is one of the world's leading psychics with a practice in Dorset, England and is the person that many other leading psychics and spiritual teachers consult when seeking guidance themselves.

Peter left his native Derbyshire in his twenties to travel the world. He lived and worked in India, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Cornwall the Cotswolds and Devon before moving to Shaftesbury, Dorset in 2014.

He is well known to many of his clients for his work at Stanborough House in Devon where he ran his full time private consultancy alongside retreats and courses. He continues this commitment to his extraordinary work − which includes teaching, writing and lecturing − from his Dorset home.

The focus of all his work remains a deep commitment to helping clients transform their lives on all levels, physically and spiritually. To achieve this, each individual consultation will generally last between two and three hours.

Psychic Consultant Accolades and Testimonials

Psychic Consultant

A three times winner of the prestigious Prix de Tarot award, Peter's unique approach to each consultation has garnered numerous additional accolades for the many aspects of spiritual work that he has devoted his life to. Clients, new and old, will travel from all over the world for a consultation with him.

"Pete’s no nonsense approach is both warm and disarming. Amazing stuff!"
Tiggy Walker - Author & Film Producer, Dorset

"Peter MacDonald is surely the most extraordinary psychic of our times"
Mike Rogers - Fifth Element

"This man is a magical healer-his results are phenomenal"
Sally Pearce - Healers of the West

"A consultation with this man will last you a thousand lifetimes"
Jessica Mellish - Life Coach

"What Pete revealed in the cards was just amazing. I found it astounding that somebody who didn't know me at all could be so specifically accurate. He revealed and confirmed many things for me and I found that I was more on track than I had thought. It was very empowering."
Stella, London, following a reading at Stanborough House

"If you are ready to make the changes that will put you on (or back on) the right path for you then a reading with Pete will fast track you into those changes – hold your nerve, this man gets results"
Laika Clark, Dorset

"Pete – thank you so much again for the healing session; I am rising, rising, rising and feeling so very different it is almost unsettling to have such clarity of vision about myself and everything."
Dr Jenny Smith, South Brend, Devon

Home visits are available nationwide by arrangement, please contact Pete on 01747 858820 or 07742 056578