Pete MacDonald Psychic Consultant

Three times winner of the prestigious Prix de Tarot award, Peter Macdonald is one of the world’s leading psychic consultants.


Pete MacDonald is a leading UK Psychic Consultant and Healer

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Psychic Counselling

Psychic Consultant

This addresses the issues that tend to cloud or undermine our lives. Grief, loss, anxiety, traumas and obsessions are expertly dealt with, primarily using Jungian techniques of analysis and resolution.

Depression, painful memories and addictions are sympathetically and effectively resolved. Phobias and non-productive patterns of behaviour such as obsessive-compulsive disorders are other issues which can be eliminated.

Counselling sessions last for three to four hours and most problems can be resolved in two sessions.

Cost £125 per session

Meet with Peter

A meeting with Peter is unique, personal and, of course, highly confidential. All consultations are of at least two hours duration and will sometimes last longer, depending on the complexity of the person's situation.

The readings follow a particular format that is guaranteed to fulfil even the most demanding of client enquiries.

Peter's clients include academics, artists, politicians, legal and medical professionals, musicians, entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers, housewives, sports people - in fact, people from all walks of life.

Clients can be seen at Stanborough House, Devon or by special arrangement anywhere in the world.

Counselling session (minimum 2 hours £125

Home visits are available nationwide by arrangement, please contact Pete on 01747 858820 or 07742 056578